• Image of PEBBLE Lamp Shade / Lamp - white

Geometric tessellation along spherical surfaces gives ordinary paper an elegant and modern air. The angle and shape between the folds have been engineered to create the perfect arc.

- approx. 15" / 38 cm diameter, 10" / 25 cm height
- adjustable openings via sliding knots at the top and bottom make mounting and changing light bulbs easy.
- 3M Dual Lock re-closable fasteners allow the Pebble lamp to be folded up again for safe transport and efficient storage.
- built-in light socket holder works with most light socket / cord sets
- use with CFL / LED light bulbs only

MOUNTING options
- fit around an existing pendant lamp socket.
- with a light socket / cord set, hang from ceiling or place directly on a table as a centerpiece, floor, or any flat surface for illumination.